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Sold : 4

Available : 4004


What does this site do?

This site is a membership community. Users who want to increase the number of followers on their social media accounts and promote their accounts to larger audiences are on this platform. Only 4008 social accounts can be on this site. Become a member to be a part of this community.

Thus, you buy space on the page with your cheap advertising budget and introduce and direct your brand to everyone who enters the site.

How long will it stay?

Your account will never be deleted, it will always be here. We guarantee that it will remain until at least 2030.

Is this site worth $1 million?

Accounts are available from $0-$500 and there are 8 of each price. When a total of 4008 accounts are sold, it will be worth exactly 1 million dollars.

Can I buy the place I want?

The prices of the areas you want to purchase vary. It is suitable for advertising in any field and sector you want, without any restrictions, all you have to do is fill out the purchase form.

Can I integrate it into my site?

If you wish, you can integrate it into your own site.

We are working to have viral advertising and organic/real followers.
For examples;
- WhoToFollowOnSocialMedia.Com
- TakipEtBeni.Com